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Coronavirus Far-Reaching Effects In Space Exploration

The coronavirus has far-reaching effects beyond what came speculated previously. Yet the virus has its claws in every sector, including the space exploration industry as a whole. While many wonder how corona as a virus affects space, there stands to reason evidence that the epidemic’s effects hit hard 

The coronavirus formally known as COVID19 is perhaps the latest in the family of outbreaks to hit the earth this century hi with a death toll of thousands in its wake the virus is not a trivial matter. The spreading infection has come to earn recognition by the World Health Organization as a pandemic, capable of soon wreaking havoc across continents. 

In its latest publication, the World Health Organization (WHO) post updates the death toll of the virus. At current, there are 3809 deaths and counting with 109,000 confirmed cases. The update also shows that the United States CDC record shows a totalled number of 439 cases confirmed with 19 deaths in the roll 

The space exploration industry is also a part of this outcome. Among the confirmed cases is a NASA employee working at the Ames Research Center situated in California. The official went down after experiencing some worrying symptoms. Upon undergoing tests, the employees’ results turned up positive. 

Yet this is not the most significant effect the virus has on the space exploration industry. A look into the facility revealed an alarming possibility of corona infections. As a result, the outcome forced the foreclosure of the Ames Research center, citing the area as a high-risk infection zone. While further tests remain on the Centre, it remains closed to all personnel save for a selection of crucial officials. The Centre continues shut till further notice. All staff in the Centre are under advice to stay indoors in their homes in self-isolation 

NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine States in a report that the center would not only be locked down but several programs set for completion for later indefinitely until the matter comes to a resolve. Among these include three recently launched science airborne campaigns that link to the Ames Research Facility that doubles as a production facility. The space agency does not have additional information toward more projects that will sort out later due to the virus. Currently, NASA hasn’t laid down any limitations to movements following the outbreak. However, more unfold with daily developments. Get further updates here as they occur