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The International Space Station to get a Commercial Module

The ISS (International Space Station) has promising plans for promoting commercial space use. NASA has hence, picked Axiom Space to assist them in building at least one private habitable module that shall be attached to their orbiting lab. The agency announced this interesting reports about the Houston based company on 27th January. They are optimistic that the Axiom module shall help boost the growth of off-earth commercial platforms that will eventually extend beyond the International Space Station in both space and time.

NASA’s commercial crew program has funded the growth of Boeing’s CST-100 Starliner, SpaceX’s Crew Dragon, and two private capsules. The company is depending on the homegrown astronaut taxis hoping to end the American reliance on the Russian Soyuz spacecraft and rockets to get folks from and to the International Space Station.

NASA’S officials have stressed that the agency hopes to be one of the many clients for Crew Dragon and Starliner. The company’s vision is the same for vehicle destinations. If everything happens according to the plans, a series of private university groups, companies, and other clients will take advantage of the International Space Station and other outposts that shall ultimately develop shops in the earth orbit. 

The other outposts are important since the International Space Station will not last forever. In a real sense, the station is now sponsored just up to 2024. Nevertheless, the mission may be extended until 2028 or even later on. Axiom Space hopes to develop and run its space point in the future, just like other several firms such as Bigelow Aerospace, which is based in Las Vegas.

Bigelow now has hardware that is attached to the International Space Station. According to no NASA officials, the BEAM (Bigelow Expandable Activity Module) arrived at the orbiting lab in mid-April 2016 to help verify the agency’s expandable habitat tech for the crew’s in-space utility. BEAM has done do well all through its averagely four years on the orbit. The agency has plans to keep BEAM on the space point and employ them for storage all through the late 2020s. The Axiom Space module shall be compiled with the International Space Station Node 2 forward port. The main aim is to illustrate the module’s commercial ability and help promote the transition process towards the greater private utility of the orbiting laboratory.