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13th Cargo Launch for Northrop Grumman might be a Normal Launch

Space exploration organization Northrop Grumman launched is in preparations to launch its latest baby in the series of rockets. The Cygnus NG13 is the 13th instalment in the company’s history of space-based launches 

The Cygnus NG13 rests on top of the United Alliance Launch’s Atlas V rocket waiting for Launch. Up until recently, the Launch was set to happen as planned. However, Northrop Grumman gave an issue that gave an increase to the Cygnus freight weight. The Cygnus was a restocking mission for the international space station to supply food and mechanical parts for the crew. As a three-person space flight, the Cygnus is expected to carry a load of fresh fruit, sugared candy and curated cheese for astronauts already in orbit 

However, Cygnus is not only carrying food supplies. A large portion of its cargo comprises additional scientific instruments adding up to 1040kg. Aboard the Cygnus NG13 will be a Mobile Space Lab used to cultivate tissues and cells while in orbit, a bone loss experiment system to establish the effects that microgravity and synthetic E. coli experiment to produce biofuel while in space. The Cygnus will also carry instruments that will allow for combustion experiments on the impact of fire in space. Aboard the Cygnus is also an experiment to have cowpeas grow in zero gravity 

Northrop Grumman is part of a joint operation with SpaceX to have continuous supply reach the already orbital International Space Station. This is under the NASAs program called the Commercial Resupply Services program that launched in 2008. After 8 years of operation, the space agency submitted an opportunity to restart the program now called the Commercial Resupply Services 2. 

The Northrop Grumman is the second most influential space exploration agency ever be given a Resupply mission to space. The NG13 is the also the second Northrop Grumman’s launch flight under the Commercial Resupply Services. It utilizes the Antares 230+ rocket configuration capable of carrying an extra 363kg compared to the NG12 Launch 

Just before the Launch, the NG13 technicians will add last-minute cargo changes to the already massive load. According to the set schedule, the Cygnus NG12 was launched a few days before, and the Launch would be the second time that Northrop Grumman has had two space rockets simultaneously in orbit. The Cygnus’ Launch is perhaps the most iconic for Northrop Grumman. With its Launch being the 13th one in a row, the Launch will draw attention for the superstitious bunch given its somewhat superstitious number