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Crew Dragon of SpaceX returns to shore after fruitful halt test

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla- the Crew Dragon of SpaceX capsule went back to port on Sunday night of January 19, hours after flawlessly executing an analysis of its built-in launch escape system. The capsule loaded onto a retrieval ship after wallowing into the Atlantic Ocean and arriving in port later in the dusk.

The pod launched on top of a veteran Falcon 9 spaceship on Sunday morning, launching at 10:30 am EST (1530 GMT) from the Kennedy Space Center of NASA located in Florida. Roughly, 9 minutes later, the pod landed in the ocean using a parachute, where one of the recovery ships of SpaceX GO Searcher was waiting.
Crews boarding the ship pulled the pod-shaped like gumdrop out of the water and protected it on the deck of the vessel. GO Searcher then went back to the port and arrived just before 7 p.m. EST (0000 GMT Monday). Enthusiastic onlookers lined on the banks of the Jetty Park, eager to steal a glimpse of the vessel as it hurled its way to the United States of America, Navy’s Trident Turning Basin, where it scheduled for the offload.
Jim Bridenstine, who is the administrator of NASA, tweeted that the pod had returned to the port safely following some recovery-op analysis after the splashdown. He tweeted, “she’s back.” He added that the Crew Dragon spaceship that finished the inflight halt test returned at the Cape Canaveral.
Shortly after, a second recovery vessel sailed into the port carrying the Dragon’s trunk. The trunk operates as a compartment of storage; it comprises of the pod’s solar arrays and other tools required on its journey to the space station. The trunk is characteristically cast-off during re-entry, revealing the heat shield of the dragon and preparing it for the landing.
Astonishingly, the trunk landed in one piece without any breakage; this is after it jettisoned moments before the deployment of the parachutes of the spaceship.
GO Searcher will also be of use in toting the Dragon back to the port after SpaceX starts to launch astronauts. The vessel equipped with a facility of medicine and helipad just in case of the team emergencies.
Bridenstine added that after the splash landing, crews from SpaceX and the United States of America Air Force 45th Operations Group Detachment-3 prepared team recovery ops before bringing the spaceship back to the port.