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The Future of the Cleaning Industry After COVID-19

The recent Coronavirus outbreak and the crisis that followed suit has caused a lot of uncertainties in the market. Many industries are affected by the pandemic, including the cleaning industry. In a previous article, we took a closer look at how COVID-19 has affected the cleaning products market.


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As we go deeper into the volatile market, it is apparent that cleaning products are not the only things that have been affected by the crisis. The entire cleaning industry is now facing rapid growth and added uncertainties at the same time.

A Spike in Demand

In some areas of the market, there is a spike in demand for professional cleaning services and cleaning equipment. This is because businesses need to take extra precautions in order to resume operations, and one of those precautions is making sure that their commercial spaces are clean enough for employees and customers.

The spike in demand for professional cleaning services in particular is interesting to follow. Not all cleaning service companies enjoy this increase in demand. Only those who offer specific types of services – such as disinfection of commercial spaces – are enjoying a steady growth. Other industry players are forced to adapt to the situation.

The same is true for companies who offer services to residential customers. In some areas, the higher awareness has resulted in higher demand, which is a good thing for industry players. Some cleaning companies even go as far as launching promotional offers and running educational campaigns to boost awareness.

Changes in the Market

As these industry players benefit from demand growth, they are affecting the rest of the market in a positive way. For example, there is now a growth in demand for all-in-one cleaning equipment and disinfectants. Equipment that supports the application of disinfectants is also among the most sought-after products in the industry.

A dust collector industrial vacuum is the next hot product in the market. Traditionally, the device is used for cleaning workshops and manufacturing lines from dust particles suspended in the air. Top vacuum performance is the key figure for this product category, with multiple products such as the Zefiro Cube 10 utilizing filtration cartridges for maximum effectiveness.

As the need for a clean work environment increases, dust collector industrial vacuums and similar solutions (i.e. central vacuum systems) gain traction in the market. Naturally, consumables such as disinfecting wipes, office air filtration systems, and even nitrile gloves are also being sought after in bulk.

The Future of the Cleaning Industry

Integrated systems that simplify the process of keeping workspaces clean will be the future of the cleaning industry. The growing demand for industrial vacuum solutions is an early sign of what’s to come. Newer solutions are not only more capable and easier to integrate, but also deliver better results, which makes keeping workers and customers safe easier.

On the other hand, demand for hands-on cleaning services will continue to grow. It is only a matter of time before disinfection and better cleaning become parts of everyday operations rather than something that businesses and organizations do to cope with the current crisis.