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The Impact of Covid-19 on the Cleaning Products Market

To say the COVID-19 pandemic has touched all areas of life is starting to feel like an understatement, as it seems each day its reach grows larger and larger. And while, for the most part, it has been an extremely trying and difficult time for the majority of industries, there are some who have needed to ramp up production and have felt demand never before seen or experienced. This is exactly the situation the cleaning products market has found itself in. 


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With the need and desire to sanitize and keep homes and workplaces clean, there has been a huge push for products and equipment that aid in the process. We are now over a half a year into the pandemic, with disinfectant cleaning wipes still nowhere to be seen, and finding even basic household cleaning products can be challenging depending on where you live. So, let’s take a closer look at how the cleaning products market has been impacted by COVID-19 and what its future looks like.

The Household Cleaning Market’s Growth

What people are noticing the most right now is the growth of the household cleaning market. And while people are quick to assume this means surface cleaners, market analysis shows it doesn’t end there. Other products have also enjoyed a period of growth during 2020, including toilet cleaners, dishwashing products, and other cleaning agents such as bleach. 

And while these statistics certainly are true for the North American market, they actually spread into Europe, South America, Asia Pacific, and even the Middle East and Africa. In other words, this is a global increase of demand in these products.

These trends aren’t expected to be temporary. They are expected to last until at least 2024. It seems to coincide with the length of time the effects of the pandemic will be felt around the globe, assuming a vaccine is discovered and is distributed worldwide.

Even if you think about how much extra time people have spent at home this year, either during a mandated shutdown or just to keep up with social distancing measures. It makes sense that the number of cleaning products households are using would increase.

Keeping Workplaces and Public Places Clean and Sanitized

As each state, city, and town continues to open back up and try to find the new normal, the need to keep workplaces and public spaces clean and sanitized is a high priority. This means industrial quantities of cleaning products and equipment are also high in demand. 

Suddenly those products you may not often hear about, such as a single phase industrial vacuum, which is a very powerful piece of equipment, are now being looked at with new purpose.

This has also sparked a lot of entrepreneurs to think about bringing new products to the market that do an even “better” job at sanitizing high contact surfaces and hopefully reducing the spread of the virus. 

Far-Reaching Consequences

It seems as more and more time passes during this pandemic, the consequences continue to pile up. Many experts believe this could change entire markets and industries not just temporarily, but permanently.